For the purpose of timber house design or only for renovation of different parts of the house, we use home design software SEMA, which provides the full range of information about the project and allows personalizing the house according to the client needs and desire. This program gives the opportunity to finish the project in a shorter time and in a more accurate manner. More information

Finished projects - in autocad and sema program 

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In the building of timber house our company focuses on the solutions about the house technology, construction and interactions of every small detail of the house. Yes, we do not have a first priority for the architecture, but we stress on delivering high standard of quality regardless if it is small or large project. A lot of customers, buy a house in different building companies making the decision based on a cheaper price and materials, without thinking if those are used and installed properly during the construction works. The concept of our company is to build, repair or renovate the house following all building standards and requirements. There are many building materials available to use today to protect house from different factors such as.

  • Wind
  • Water
  • Sun
  • Snow
  • Insects and mouse
  • House stability


We use insulation materials and tapes as maximum as possible in places proned to damages: wall and roof connection, around the windows, in place of exterior walls and glue beams, between foundation and outside wall where protection is extremely important due to the freeze penetrating from the basement inside the house. This can have a serious impact on people health and being.


It is important that timber house surface is protected from moisture, especially when it comes to such a region as Europe where rains occur frequently. In our work we use waterproof materials and install good facade ventilation min 30 mm in the wall and min 45 mm in the roof. A waterproofing treatment will keep any water or moisture from getting into the timber by this reducing the risk of splitting and detaching. 


For sun protection foils TYVEK DuPont UV Facade are being used. House and house materials must be protected from sun and very high temperature, what people can feel inside the house, specially it is not so good for old people - discomfort.


In many European countries timber houses can be affected by cold weather and heavy snowfalls. In such conditions it is important to think about whole insulation as an integral part of your home – starting from basement, exterior walls and roof. Depending on where construction works are done, the material coefficient of heat transfer varies from U = 0,210 W / m2K (basic concept) till 0,081 W / m2K (passive concept). More information about construction and materials can be found here. 

 Insects and mice

One of the problems which house owner can face having a wooden home is the damages caused by insects and mice attacks. As timber construction is warm inside it makes it the perfect place for the pests and that leads to material damages and destruction of timber house. Many building companies do not consider providing a reliable protection, to avoid any inconveniences in the future we use metal nets on the exterior walls, foundation, ceiling as well as applying water based insect protection.

 House stability

House basement stability plays an important role and it can cause a serious impact if calculation or construction works have been done incorrectly. While doing the calculation, various coefficients have to be considered as they depend on a different weather conditions, for instance for a snow pressure we need to take into account that this coefficient varies from 1 – 4 kN / m2 in mountain areas and a wind pressure can be up to 150 km/h during 10 minutes, 80 km/h is "normal" windy day in an open area. To make sure that the roof and exterior walls are stable enough, they are connected with metal X – band. Our company’s concept is not to calculate and build separate parts of the house but seeing the whole object as a solid one. By this ensuring that all building materials and components are functioning correctly providing the stability and maximum quality.